Highly detailed inspections are conducted quickly and efficiently using our high resolution EO/IR/HD Zoom still and video camera packages, minimizing the downtime on the unit ensuring maximum profitability. The inspections can be monitored real time on site by your engineers using your smart devices or can be broadcast anywhere in the world using the Aeryon Live satellite system.

  • SkyRanger™ is particularly good at external tower inspections of all types due to its auto-flight capabilities and simultaneous use of our High Definition EO (daytime), HD Zoom and IR camera capabilities.
  • Safety is dramatically increased since no humans are placed in a dangerous situation.
  • HD Quality live-streaming video can be monitored by a customer representative on site while the inspection is being conducted, or via encrypted internet, or even via our cloud based satellite service if required.
  • Inspections are very fast, but thorough, which minimizes downtime and potential revenue loss.