City of Georgetown Support

February 3rd, 2018 / Admin_AO


AO Flight is in the final stages of securing an agreement to provide support operations for the City of Georgetown Emergency Services Management division using our highly capable SkyRanger™ quad-copter units and our completely self contained Flight Operations Support vehicle.  Yesterday, members of the AO Flight executive management team met with the Emergency Services Coordinator for the City’s Fire and Police Departments to discuss support methods that can provide real-time secure data to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as well as other unique ways that AO Flight can acquire and provide information in areas of non-emergency support.  Providing critical situational awareness and immediate assessment during large scale natural disasters and emergencies allows Emergency Management and Public Safety decision makers to quickly gain situational awareness, assess the scale of the problem and to make informed decisions about where to immediately provide the best use of limited resources.  Our units have both day and FLIR cameras and can fly in weather that would ground helicopters.  They can be quickly launched in the immediate vicinity of the site to provide near instantaneous assessment and we have the capability of providing 24 hour support if required.

Surveying over time and infrastructure monitoring are several methods that were also discussed to provide on-going assessments of potential problem areas that allows preventative measures to be taken in advance of a crisis developing.  Our units and our expertise in field operations are an economical way of providing data and information that saves the city money and allows the best use of resources.  Our team at AO Flight is always pushing the boundaries of our sUAS equipment use by finding new and creative ways to put the incredible capabilities of our machines to use to keep people safe and provide cost effective solutions.

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