Intersection Images for Halff Associates, Inc.

September 9th, 2017 / Admin_AO


AO Flight just successfully completed a very complex and highly coordinated aerial photography and video mission in downtown College Station.  Halff Associates, Inc., an Architectural and Engineering firm from Austin, Texas contracted us to provide some very detailed high resolution images and video of several major intersections in College Station.  All of them were within the Easterwood Airport Class D airspace, so a COA was obtained from the FAA and coordination measures were effected between the airport ATC facility, Texas A&M, the City of College Station and several other agencies.  All safety measures were considered due to the high density of traffic and people, and flight paths were very carefully constructed to avoid not only obstacles such as buildings and high tension wires and antennas, but vehicles and personnel on the ground.  The mission took all day, but was highly successful with no incidents or issues at all.  Our new flight operations support vehicle worked perfectly and provided everything we needed to be successful. The staff at AO Flight did a fantastic job executing this very difficult job!!



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