Boyd A. “Skip” Tackett III image

Skip is a retired military officer and a combat aviation veteran of two wars. He is a family man, businessman and a professional aviator that has been flying for over 37 years.  He has flown a large variety of different helicopters and fixed wing aircraft throughout his aviation career both in and out of the military.  He was a fielding Standardization Instructor Pilot/Master Gunner for the US Army’s Longbow Apache, was a Chief Pilot for Northrop Grumman, has flown Night Vision Goggle Deepwater Search and Rescue missions in the Gulf of Mexico and flew Russian helicopters on special missions in Afghanistan.  He is a military qualified UAV pilot and was a senior flight instructor on a special program flying a fixed wing UAV from the front seat of an airborne Longbow Apache helicopter.  He brings a lifetime of very valuable, highly varied aviation experience to our highly qualified team.  Contact Skip at